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A Dental Care Experience Like No Other

Your Trusted Toledo, OH Dentist for Nearly 40 Years

Stop hiding your smile in photos, at social events, and during one-on-one interactions.

We practice total wellness, which means looking after your oral health with your overall health in mind.

Upgrade your dental care experience with truly personalized treatment.

Are unhealthy teeth and gums contributing to larger problems beyond your oral health?

Have you been wishing for a whiter, straighter, more uniform smile?

Would you like to know more about your dentist?

Are missing teeth keeping you from fully enjoying your life?

Take charge of your health, starting with your smile

A healthy smile is the first step to a healthy body

Your teeth are vital to your overall health and well-being. That is why we treat them with special care. With decades of experience, the latest dental techniques, and digital technology, we can give you the strong, healthy smile you’ve always wanted in a welcoming environment, where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Our patient-centered, holistic approach means we treat the whole person, not just their teeth
  • State-of-the-art technology cuts down on treatment times and creates a more comfortable patient experience
  • An experienced team of dental care professionals is available to assist you with all of your oral healthcare needs
  • We provide a variety of special services, including TMJ therapy, Invisalign®, and Sleep Apnea treatment