Dentures services offered in Toledo, OH

Dentures give you the appearance of a perfectly straight and gorgeous smile. If you’re looking to replace missing teeth, board-certified family and general dentist Timothy Tomase, DDS, at Tomase Dental Care in Toledo, Ohio, customizes dentures so they look and feel like natural teeth. Dr. Tomase specializes in implant-retained dentures, offering a permanent tooth-replacement solution. Call Tomase Dental Care or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

What are dentures?

Dentures are tooth-replacement solutions when you’ve lost many teeth. They’re handcrafted and personalized to your unique tooth shade and offer you beautiful straight teeth that you can feel confident in. These nuanced imperfections make your smile unique. 

Tomase Dental Care offers dental implants, which are used as supports to hold artificial teeth. Unlike their conventional counterparts, you never have to worry about slipping and sliding with implant-retained dentures.

Dr. Tomase crafts your denture plan to achieve a functional bite and gorgeous smile. He takes into account your: 

  • Tooth and gum shade
  • Tooth length
  • Tooth shape
  • Translucency of teeth or gums

With dentures, you can feel proud when smiling, laughing, eating, and drinking. They can also help improve your oral health as missing teeth may cause additional complications. 

How are dentures created?

Tomase Dental Care is a proud general and cosmetic dentistry practice boasting over 30 years of experience creating dentures. With Dr. Tomase’s unique skill set, he can create the perfect dentures for your smile.

First, Dr. Tomase takes impressions of your teeth and gums to fabricate models for the denture creation process. This ensures that your dentures feel as comfortable as possible and look natural. Implant-retained dentures require oral surgery in which Dr. Tomase inserts metal posts (implants) into your jawbone. A period of healing is also required before he can place your permanent dentures. 

He works with you throughout the creation process to make sure the alignment of your bite is absolutely perfect.


How can I care for my dentures?

To keep your dentures in good shape, it’s important to take care of them properly. Some of the most important care tips Dr. Tomase may recommend include:

Keep your dentures moist

It’s crucial to store conventional dentures in water or a denture cleanser when you’re not wearing them because they can crack or warp. However, with implant-supported dentures, you don’t have to worry about taking additional steps.  


Brush regularly

Brush traditional and implant-retained dentures regularly to remove food particles, bacteria, and other debris from teeth and gums. 

It’s also important to floss in between artificial teeth just like you would with your natural teeth. This prevents serious dental issues like gum disease from developing.


Regular checkups

Regular checkups, with dental cleanings and exams, at Tomase Dental Care can also help you maintain optimal oral health. 

To find out if dentures are right for your smile needs, call Tomase Dental Care or schedule an appointment online today.